Monday, 17 August 2015

Deliciously Ella's Banana and oat flapjacks

Hey guys! This is my first ever post on this new blog of mine. Today I baked some flapjacks, taken from one of my favourite recipe books Deliciously Ella. I have no made this before and modified this recipe slightly and this is what I thought about the recipe!

For this recipe you will need....

360 g of oats (I used about 300 and it was still too many oats to me! I would use less than this!)
2 bananas
6 tablespoons of maple syrup
6 tablespoons of cashew nut butter (I used on tablespoon of almond butter and five table spoons of peanut butter and it tasted delicious!)
4 tablespoons of coconut oil

First put oven onto 200 degrees Celsius for a normal oven or 180 for fan/
First put all the oats into a mixing bowl, then mash the banana into a smaller bowl.
You then want to tip the bananas, coconut oil, nut butter of choice and maple syrup into a saucepan like this.
Put it on a low setting and simmer, allowing it to turn to a liquid. Mine was not a complete liquid and it worked fine!
The pour it over the top of the oats, use your hands to make sure it is all covered.
Then grease a bake tin using coconut oil and put the mixture into it, pressing down so that it is flat and put it in the ovan.
I found it was done after about twenty minuets! Then allow to cool before cutting up into pieces.

As you can see, the flapjacks are extremely crumbly. I cannot put them away because they just fall to pieces so they are just going to have to stay out until they are eaten (which wont take long believe me.) These are so delicious and I will make again, but this time with much less oats!

Lots of love
Eleanor x

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  3. I find that 360grams of oats is perfect. It also is done better after 15mins, as it isn't crumbly then!