Thursday, 19 May 2016

Spicy chicken with black rice and sauted veg

Hey guys! This recipe is one of my own favourite quick mid week meals, I probably make it once a week. It's cheap for students and doesn't require much effort (which is good for me!) If you don't have the veg needed for this, substitute it for some frozen veg which I also love and it makes it even quicker! I really love the black rice in this, but you could use any type of rice you liked although it does make it less exciting (and a bit less tasty...) This recipe is also really good for you, is low in calories and is tasty. The chicken has a bit of a kick without being too overly spicy (unless you want more spice in which case go wild!) Just as a tip, you could use the rest of the courgette and the pepper with pasta and a tomato sauce for tea the next day.  Harrisa paste is my absolute favourite thing to add spice, I cover my chicken salmon lamb you name it in it, it's really worth having in as it gives food an amazing taste.

For one person you will need:
One skinless boneless chicken breast (I keep a bag in the freezer so I always have some, make sure it is defrosted by leaving it in the fridge for about 18 hours before)
100g black rice (I am using Thai black rice, follow instructions for your rice)
a small clove of garlic
half a courgette
half a large bell pepper (whole of a small one)
some small button mushrooms
3 tsp harissa paste
a teaspoon of paprika
a teaspoon of parsley
some pepper
some oil/ fry light.
a tablespoon of soy sauce

First heat the oven up to 200 degrees celsius. Mix the harissa, paprika, pepper and pasrly into the chicken and let it marinate for a little bit. Heat water in a pan and put the rice on, adding the soy sauce and garlic.

Put the chicken into the oven for 20 minutes.
In the mean time, chop up your vegetables.
Saute them for a few minutes using the oil. I am using coconut oil fry light but if you're not fussy any one you have is fine.
When the mushrooms have browned and the courgette is wilted a little, take it off the heat.

The veg may be done a little bit before the chicken and rice. Check rice instructions for how long it takes, my rice took about half an hour so it was on about ten minutes before I put my chicken in. Remember to always cut into your chicken to make sure it is white before serving, if it is not done put it back in the oven until it is.

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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