Tuesday, 22 March 2016

la Tasca restaurant review

Hey guys! I have not done a restaurant review in quite a while but on Sunday me and my boyfriend were looking for somewhere to eat in the Trafford Center and we decided to get dinner at La Tasca. My boyfriend had never had tapas before so I was eager to introduce him to it. La Tasca is a Spanish Tapas restaurant and you order as many little plates of food as you like.

Me and Luke Shared 5 tapas plates, it recommends 3 per person but we found 5 was enough. We ordered the chicken wings, battered prawns, patatas bravas con alioli (fried potato) pollo marbello (chicken in white wine sauce) and the meatballs.

All five dishes were amazing and I would really recommend the battered prawns which were in an amazing San Miguel batter which was amazing and fried potato which come with a garlic butter sauce. Although the dishes are amazing, it is quite an expensive restaurant, each tapas can be little more than 6 pound although most are around £5 and if you get the recommended 3 plates each that's already £15 per person, it could potentially be over £18 pounds per person depending on the dishes got and that is not including drinks.

La Tasca is a really good way to introduce people to tapas, especially as there are many recognisable dishes on there, such as the chicken wings or  meatballs. There are many fish, meat and vegetarian options with a lot of gluten free options available too. If tapas isn't your thing there is lots of different piella dishes available too. The dessert options (my favourite part of s menu) look amazing but unfortunately we were too full to order any dessert options, for such tiny portions I am always surprised about how quickly I am filled up!

Overall I would recommend going to this restaurant, I love tapas as it is a little different to things you can get in other restaurant and you get to have lots of different things, not just one meal. There is also a kids menu with more kid friendly tapas inducing a mini burger, French fries and fish fingers. If you want to give something different a go I would say go for it, the dishes are amazing, so tasty although do watch the price of the tapas you are ordering.

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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