Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Vegan Lasagna- Deliciously Ella Adaptation

Hey guys! Today I am going to show you another Deliciously Ella recipe which I have adapted slightly again and came up with my views on the recipe! This is actually one of my all time favourite lasagna recipes, it's full of veg and goodness and the cheese substitute layer is absolutely divine.

For this recipe Ella says you will need ( she says for 4, i find this is more than enough for five people!) 

2 Butter-nut squash ( I used one and although it wasn't quite enough, 2 would be way too much, maybe one and a half would be ample) 
4 dozen tomatoes halved (I used two boxes, have no idea if that was the right amount but it was fine!) 
3 cloves of garlic crushed and peeled
4 red peppers cut into small pieces
olive oil
500g of mushrooms thinly sliced (I found this was too many and used less than this)
8 lasanga sheets (I used about ten or eleven)
half a 400ml tin of coconut milk
Half an aubergine (She doesn't use this in the original recipe I just added it in for extra goodness) 

If you can, Ella says to peel the butternut squash and cut it unto small pieces and put it in the steamer for twenty minuets. I find that this can be really hard, and if it was just me cooking, I would find it impossible. It's a lot easier if you have time, to cut it up as best you can without peeling and put it in the oven to roast for an hour. Then peel it when it comes out.

In the meantime, put the tomatoes, garlic and peppers into a saucepan with olive oil. Then add the mushrooms and cook for about ten minuets and then take off the heat.

Additionally if need be, you can soak the lasanga sheets in boiling water and olive oil to soften up.

When the squash has finished,(and you have removed the skin if you roasted it first) put it in the food processor along with the coconut milk. Preheat the oven at this point to 200 degrees Celsius normal oven or 180 fan. Then blend the squash and milk until it is smooth and creamy. This is honestly the lovelest thing ever, this is the cheese substitute and I always end up eating as much as I can off the sides of the processor because it is absolutely delicious!

Then you can assemble the lasange. Put a layer of the mushroom and tomato later first,

 then a layer of the squash and then lasanga. Then put another layer of mushroom and tomatoes, then a lasanga sheet layer and finally the squash layer. After this put it in the oven for about twenty minuets, I find that longer is needed than this, about half an hour but check it after twenty anyway! Ella suggests to cover the top in tin foil which you can also do.

This recipe is delicious, but super sloppy! There is so much juice at the bottom and it is messy and hard to get into exact squares that look pretty! I tried my best...

Ah well!
Hope you enjoyed,
Lots of love
Eleanor x


  1. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)
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  2. Thanks. I'll try that tonight.