Sunday, 6 March 2016

What I eat in a day 26.2.2016

Hey guys!  haven't done one of these yet but I thought I would show you what I eat on an average day. Perhaps I will do more of these in the future, I am also thinking about similar posts such as what I eat for dinner in a week, I love these kind of posts because I'm a) nosey, and b) to give me food inspiration! This was last Friday and on Friday's I am in university from 9-3 and then I went out at night so I had quite a busy day. I think this might be especially useful for students too.

For breakfast I nearly always have porridge for breakfast. I love these little sachets as they're easy to make and I don't have to waste time measuring out a portion. I normally get the original ones and add a banana in for extra goodness, as I know the flavoured ones are high in sugar but it's what my mum bought and I am not going to waste money!

I made a packed lunch as I was in uni all day. I stupidly forgot to buy more salad and this is quite a bit smaller than normal. It consists of quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce leaves.

Friday treat:

This is not something I would normally do but I had some fudge during my lecture with my friend! On Fridays we always buy something a little bit unhealthy to snack on during our last lecture of the week to keep us going. Would definitely recommend this!

Afternoon snack:
At about four I always start to get hungry, especially as I eat my lunch quite early on a Friday. This snack is one that I have almost every day, a banana (unless I had one for breakfast then I'd have another bit of fruit) and some corn things which I adore.

For my tea I had two black bean burgers which are a deliciously ella recipe from her new book with some veg.

I often have some yoghurt later on again if I get hungry.

"Drunk" food:

On a normal day I do usually have a sweet treat after my dinner but on Fridays I often don't as I have usually had something sweet earlier and I wasn't going to have anything on Friday as I had had the fudge. When I start drinking though I usually find I am starving when I get home, instead of having a burger or something in very high fat, I filled my junk food craving by having the sweet treat I would have had if I had fancied it earlier (I actually had a small dairy milk chocolate bar but forgot to take a picture- so here's the sweet treat I had after dinner a few days ago.)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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