Thursday, 29 October 2015

student meals- No nonsense chili

Hey guys! Todays post is for a no nonsense chilli, so named because this chili is cheap and fairly plain but still delicious and easy to make for students who don't know how to cook. This chili contains no actual chilli just because of costs but you could easily put a chili in or hot spices. The recipe is enough for 4 people but i gave half of it to me and my boyfriend and put the other half in the freezer for later. If you are making it for four people, you will need more rice. I got nearly all my ingredients from Aldi.

For 2 people (plus two extra servings for freezing) You will need:

500g of beef mince
a can of chopped tomatoes
a can of kidney beans
Beef stock cube (I actually used bouillon just because I had it, it worked fine too)
3/4 of a mug of rice
one large onion (or two small ones)
a little bit of oil

Start by dicing the onion up into small pieces. Then put the oil into a pan and heat it up until hot and add the onion. Fry the onion for a few minuets.

Now add the mince in (keep it at a high temp) and stir for about five mins until completely brown.
Now add the stock cube to 300 ml of hot water and pour that in along with the chopped tomatoes.

Now put on a lower heat and simmer for 20 minuets. At this point I put my rice on since I was using brown rice it took about 25 minuets. Follow the instructions for your rice as it may not need to be on for as long!
After 20 minuets, add the kidney beans and take off heat. Let it cool down and stand for about 10 minuets and then it is finished!

Hope you enjoyed!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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